Color Acceleration WITHOUT HEAT 
The Anti-oxidant Accelerator System that colors hair (roots & ends at the same time with Endz Only) in approximately 12 minutes WITHOUT HEAT!

  • Hair color accelerants for faster, better, safer color!
  • Works safely with any brand of color 
  • Stops fading up to 95%, even low-lights 
  • Covers gray 99% better Never over processes faster, better, safer color! 
  • Works with one bowl of color-NO WASTAGE!
  • FREE help with hair color correction Help you make more money by allowing you extra time to fit in more color clients 

How to safely
manipulate color
Additive + Endz Only
Color Roots & Ends
at the same time
Accelerating additive
for the REDS
Stops REDS fading
Accelerating additive for
High lift tints & bleaching
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Color Express Anti-oxidant Additives...

  • The only hair coloring additive that accelerates color processing WITHOUT HEAT in approximately 12 minutes!

  • Allow you to color roots & ends at the same time, in approximately 12 minutes when using Endz Only into your left-over color

  • Color will never over-process!

  • Works with any brand of color 

  • Prevent fading up to 95%, especially "reds" 

  • Keep hair vibrant from color to color 

  • Super condition hair from inside the cortex for healthy SHINE

  • Super protect the shine and integrity of the hair if you choose to use heat machines

  • Provide special groups of anti-oxidant protection specifically designed for red hair color (Seeing Red) and blonding services (Ultra One) 

  • FREE help with hair color correction 

  • Turn OFF your dryers and SAVE ENERGY & $$$-NO HEAT!!

  • Help you save money by allowing you to color roots & ends from just one bowl of color; no wastage

  • Help you make more money by allowing you extra time to fit in more color clients

  • Helps to solve the everyday problems you experience with color, i.e. fading, gray coverage, coloring temples and coloring damaged, over-processed hair 

BONDI Bond Repair System​


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