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NEW  from Color Express!

OXYGEN REGENERATION TECHNOLOGY for you hands and hair...

Experience the healing power of Oxygen, regenerated and stabilized in deeply penetrating serums.

Colorado Smoothie 
Hand Serum  2 oz.
A non-greasy, low fragrance serum formulation with super fast penetration and long lasting smoothness..

​​Colorado Smoothie
Hair Conditioning Serum 4 oz.
Gives your hair a healing, conditioning Oxygen bath. Long or short, virgin hair, colored or high-lighted-unleash the full shine and body potential of your hair with 30-60 seconds of this conditioning after your shampoo.

Be a Colorado Smoothie!

Get Pumped...Be a Colorado Smoothie
Oxygen Regeneration Serums
 Hand Serum
2 oz.

Hair Conditioning Serum
4 oz.