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Color Acceleration
Works safely with any brand of color

Stops fading up to 95%, even low-lights

Covers gray 99% better

Never over processes

faster, better, safer color!

Color companies state: DO NOT USE HEAT TO DEVELOP COLOR
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About Our Hair Color Correction and Accelerant Company


Color Express® is the leading manufacturer of anti-oxidant hair coloring and hair color correction additives in the United States, Canada, India and EU.   What sets us apart is our additives work WITHOUT HEAT!  They are 100% pure in quality and use no fillers.

Color Express® was founded in 1995 by Freddie Brook, a Scottish colorist from Glasgow.  With 40 years of hair coloring experience, Freddie was frustrated with some of the problems associated with coloring hair.  Frustration became the mother of invention and Color Express additives were born.  

It all started before the age of digital cameras. As his son was studying photography, Freddie came up with the idea of "how do photographers stop the fading of photos"?  He contacted Kodak® Company for the answer - they used anti-oxidants in the developing process.  Thus began the research and development of Color Express products to stop fading in hair coloring.

Fourteen years later, we are still providing a full range of additives specially designed for such challenges as fading, long processing time, color resistant hair, damaged integrity and elasticity of the hair, color correction, and dulling of the hair due to cuticle damage.  The solution to these challenges lies in using our product line: Color Express® additive, Ultra One additive, Seeing Red additive, Endz Only, Hairlinz, Correct-a-Tint and Restorative. 

Gail, Freddie's wife, joined the company in 2000. She has a background in several medical specialties including plastic surgery and dermatology.  Their combined knowledge, experience and research of anti-oxidants has produced seven products and made them the forerunners in the advancement of anti-oxidant technology used in the cosmetic, hair coloring and perming industries.

We thank you for using Color Express products and extend to you our 100% money back, guaranteed satisfaction.
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