Other Products

Color Acceleration
Works safely with any brand of color

Stops fading up to 95%, even low-lights

Covers gray 99% better

Never over processes

faster, better, safer color!

Color companies state: DO NOT USE HEAT TO DEVELOP COLOR
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    Restorative .5 fl oz.

    Anti-aging anti-oxidants in concentrate
    to enhance the anti-aging factor of 
    any skin care product

​    THRIVE Conditioning Additive 
     2 oz. & .5 oz
     for Ethnic Hair 

    Supreme conditioning booster
    for coarse, curly, kinking hair. 
    Stunningly smooth, shiny, healthy hair

Hairlinz Color Amplifier 
for Hairlines & Temples 

This product helps difficult hair at the hairline & temple areas take with the same even tonal value as the rest of the head.

3 in ! Toner for Skin

Cleanses, Tones and Moisturizes all in one easy step.