The Seeing Red System 
The Seeing Red System
(SEEING RED Additive + Endz Only)

Features & Benefits
Develops reds (copper, auburn, red, violet) in 15 minutes WITHOUT HEAT, roots & ends at the same time 
The only additive on the market specially designed for "reds" to stop fading 99% 
Contains two anti-oxidants to super prevent fading and carriers to stabilize red color molecules in the hair 
Makes all red colors stay true to tone and vibrant 
Great for permanent & semi-permanent colors 

Instructions for use

Into the color mixture (up to 4 oz, all brands & types) put 15 drops of SEEING RED additive
Mix well and apply to re-growth
Place a pre-punched plastic bag (24 holes) on the client's head 
Let color develop for 15 minutes WITHOUT HEAT!
All you need is a controlled environment
Tip:  If salon air-conditioning is on full, turn a dryer on, and approximately 3-4 minutes before finishing color application, (turn dryer COMPLETELY OFF) Put client under the dryer  hood for a controlled environment.
SEEING RED additive for red, Color Express Additive for brunette, Ultra One for blonding
For toning mid-shaft and ends   NO WASTE!

After applying color formula with SEEING RED additive in it to the re-growth, add approximately ½ oz. (3 capfuls) of Endz Only into the leftover color formula

Gently massage into the ends of the hair 

Process as directed above  

Roots and ends will develop at the same time in 15 minutes WITHOUT HEAT! 

Tip:  If temples are white or resistant to color, see instructions for Hairlinz 

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Color Express® is a registered US/EU Ttrademark
Color Acceleration
Works safely with any brand of color

Stops fading up to 95%, even low-lights

Covers gray 99% better

Never over processes

faster, better, safer color!

Color companies state: DO NOT USE HEAT TO DEVELOP COLOR
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The Seeing Red System